A trusted interior painting company

With years of experience as an interior painting company, you can count on Dunes Painting to do excellent work on your home in Myrtle Beach, Carolina Forest, North Myrtle Beach, or anywhere else along the Grand Strand. We know that you will be pleased with the results of our work when you hire us as your local interior painting company. When you choose Dunes Painting as your painting contractor, not only will you get top notch professional painters to take care of all your painting needs, you will also get a 2-year warranty that will protect you against defects in workmanship (if any).

Interior Painting Dunes Club

Preparing for your interior painting project

Dunes Painting is an experienced interior painting contractor. Once you’ve made the decision to hire our services to handle your home interior painting project, we’ll acquire all the materials necessary to protect your home and start painting. Furniture, floors, rugs and other personal property located in the area to be painted will be covered with either drop cloths or poly plastic sheets. The protective materials used with be kept at your home from the beginning until the end of the interior painting project.

Before any primer or color paint is applied to your walls, ceilings, baseboards and moldings, Dunes Painting will check for holes and irregularities on the areas to be painted. Peeling areas will be scraped and sanded accordingly to yield a smooth and even surface. Wood cracks and joints will be sealed with a paint-grade caulking material. All wall and ceiling holes will be patched and sanded to yield an even surface .

The home interior painting process

All new, non previously primed sheet rock, wood or plaster will be primed prior to receiving the interior painting finish color coats. Your home interior painting project will be carried out in an organized, neat and efficient manner while making sure that the utmost care and attention is given to protecting your home and personal property. All our painters have excellent craftsmanship, are professionally trained, polite, friendly, prompt and work efficiently. We have a strict policy of no smoking, no inappropriate language and no loud music at a customer’s property. Each residential interior painting project Dunes Painting undertakes is assigned a supervisor who will check for work progress on a daily basis. Pictures of the painting project will be taken daily to document our work and to show you how we are doing if you are out of town.

We know that the process of having home improvements done is seldom a pleasant experience because it disrupts homeowners’ normal living habits. We want you to know that we will do everything possible to be as discreet as possible while we perform the interior painting work at your home. We will keep our work area always neat and organized. Paint supplies will be stored in the area where our painters work. At the end of the day, our painters will organize the area as best as possible so as to not hinder you and your family enjoyment of your home.

Final walk through of your interior painting project

Once Dunes Painting is done with your home interior painting project, your assigned Dunes Painting supervisor will walk through the project with you to make sure that the work was done to your satisfaction. Areas that need to be touched up will be marked by the supervisor. Labeled touch up paint will be left with you for your convenience if you need to touch up some areas in the future. We also keep on file references for the paint color(s) used for your home interior painting project so that if needed in the future, you can contact us to get the accurate color reference and paint manufacturer that were used for your painting project.

When you hire Dunes Painting as your local interior painting company in Myrtle Beach, Garden City, Conway or Surfside Beach, you can expect to get great results, and have a genuine pleasant experience with our painting professionals.

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