Hack #1

Have a shower or tub that is a color you just can’t stand?  Paint It!

Try using Homax Tough As Tile. Yes, any one can make their shower, sink, or tile look brand new again in just two days with this easy to use product. Spray or brush on: Cannot find Homax tough as tile? Do not worry. It is available here on Amazon, and for extra help check out a video of this product discussing the application process:

Hack #2

Want to learn how to do ceiling cut ins like a professional painter?

You can with a little practice and a few tips:

  1. Buy a good brush for cut ins; good brushes have sharp bristles, are fairly stiff, have flagged ends on some of the bristles to hold more paint, and have an even taper at the end.
  2. Do not overload your brush.
  3. Start an inch away from the cut in and work to it.
  4. Hold your breath.
  5. Brush at a steady pace. It takes practice but you will be able to do it, for more information check out this video series teaching lots more tips and tricks doing cut ins right here: The Idaho Painter on YouTube

Hack #3

Have dried paint on carpet, clothes, furniture or anywhere else you do not want it?

Krud KutterYou have to try this stuff: Krud Kutter, it is simply amazing for removing dried paint, it can remove food stains, drink stains, dried latex paint spills and splatters, tape residue, glue, adhesive, smoke damage, grease, oil, marker, crayon, pet stains, lipstick, blood stains, tar, wax, chewing gum, mildew stains, and more.

For more uses it is safe, fast, and effective for use on BBQ grills, ovens, tubs, sinks, showers, tile and grout, appliances, linoleum, vinyl, patio furniture, clothing, carpet, flooring, and more. You can purchase it with this link from Amazon: Krud Kutter Concentrate

Hack #4

Cannot remember what color you painted your room?

Light CoverWhen you paint a room, write on the back of the light switch for the room the color, product used, and what sheen it is. Then, all you have to do when you forget is to remove 2 screws to refresh your memory.

Hack #5

The Extension Pole

Purdy Power Lock Extension PoleThis is a tool that no DIY or professional painter should go without; the extension pole. The 4-8′ version is the most versatile and will cut your painting time in half. You do not need to bend over to load your roller, climb ladders to roll walls, stoop down to roll close to base boards, and walk half as much when painting ceilings. This is our favorite extension pole from Purdy: Power Lock Pole

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