This week we started applying the Kem Kromik metal primer to the walkways and stairs at the La Mirage hotel.  Last week we used Ospho to treat all the rusted metal (and there was a lot!).

Kem Kromik is a rust inhibiting, low VOC, modified alkyd resin primer designed for use over iron and steel substrates. Can be used as a “universal” primer under high performance topcoats and is also suitable as a “barrier” coat over conventional coatings which would normally be attacked by strong solvents in high performance coatings.

Make sure you wear a ventilator and safety glasses with this stuff!  We wear the 3M 7500 respirator and this 3M All Purpose respirator.  It’s also a good idea to wear coverage because this stuff will stick all over you if you’re spraying.

We started with rolling the walkways and top of the steps, and spraying the undersides of the metal walkways.  Check out the pictures below.

Kem Kromik primer at the La Mirage on the south Ocean Boulevard - Myrtle Beach.

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