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Discover the Best Tips for Painting Cabinets

Discover the Best Tips for Painting Cabinets

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you want to paint your kitchen cabinets on your own or paint other types of cabinets within your home, you should know that learning the top tips for painting cabinets will be really helpful.


Today, we’d like to help you by letting you know which tips smart and savvy DIY-ers and pros use in order to get superb results!


When you use our smart tips, you’ll dramatically boost the odds of beautiful and long-lasting results which add value to your home, while also making it a more pleasant place to be!


Scrub Away Dirt and Grime
Sanding cabinets in Pawleys Island.Begin by scrubbing the cabinet thoroughly. This will remove residue and grease. Also, if you want to put new hardware on your cabinets, you should ensure that the existing holes for hardware are covered with a high-quality wood filler before you start to scrub.


After you do this, utilize sandpaper of the one hundred grit type in order to get the surfaces of your cabinets smooth. Next, wipe away the dust from sanding via a tack cloth. Then, drill new holes where you need them to be.


Don’t Skip the Primer


Prime cabinets firstFor pro-style results, you will need to apply primer to the cabinets after they’ve been sanded and dusted. Prime everything, including the fronts of the doors, the boxes and the drawers. This is an important step before painting which will assist you with getting smooth and flawless results.


After your primer dries, utilize a brush which is angled, as well as a foam roller of the “mini” size, in order to put your paint on. We recommend a latex satin finish for cabinets. It’s easier to work with than an oil paint would be and tends to give results which are very pleasing to the eye.


After you paint, you may wish to follow up by using sandpaper with an ultra-fine grit. Do a final sanding and then add a layer of satin polycrylic. This layer of satin polycrylic will extend the life of the new paint job. After you’ve put the last layer on, it will be time to let the satin polycrylic dry, put the doors back on, put the drawers into place and add your new hardware.


If you prefer to, you may opt to use spray paint. However, you should do it outside if you can, or in a garage, as some people do “overspray” and this can get messy. When you spray paint, follow all of the same steps that we’ve outlined here, only with spray primer, paint and satin polycrylic.


Don’t skip the initial sanding and second round of sanding. Also, don’t forget to scrub the cabinets first.


Plan Your Painting Project Today


If you’d like us to paint your cabinets, please give us a call at 843-489-1914.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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